Homes for Sale

Does your life seem to be one long round of rush, rush, rush. 

Are your precious weekends over 'in a flash', leaving you feeling unrested and unready to face the busy week ahead.

If the answer is yes...we have the solution

Imagine popping a few things in the car on a Friday evening, and taking the short drive to your very own holiday home in the country.

When you arrive, pop the cork, strike up the Barbie...and relax.

Spend the weekend in peaceful seclusion, or if you fancy it, stroll down to one of the village pubs for a drink or tasty bar meal.

However you choose to kick-back, the only noise you'll hear are the birds singing. 

Return home revived and rested, ready for the week ahead and looking forward to next weekend.

If all this seems like a pipedream, it doesn't need to be.  We have holiday homes from just £14,950, and we probably have one right that's ideal for you.