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Park Rules

1.    Newbus Grange Caravan Park is a holiday caravan park and is not licensed for residential use.  It follows, therefore, that your static holiday caravan or seasonal touring caravan shall at no time become your sole place of residence.  Neither the title Newbus Grange Caravan Park nor any of its pitch numbers may be used to form any part of an address by which any owner can receive mail on a permanent basis – your own permanent place of residence must be used for this purpose.  The season commences on 18th January and runs until 3rd January, and caravans may not be occupied during the closed period.  During school term time’s children must not travel to and from the Park on a daily basis for the purpose of attending school.

2.       Caravans can only be removed from their pitches by management.  Although caravans may remain on site for 20 years, no caravan 10 years old or older will be re-sold on site.  All caravan sales and purchases must be conducted through the Park management.  When owners notify their intention to leave the Park, or to up-date their caravan, the management will have first option of purchase of the vacated caravan.  If the management’s offer of purchase is considered unsatisfactory, the caravan may be sold on behalf of the owner to a third party, and a commission of 15% plus VAT will be deducted from the sale price.  Sale to a third party at a price less than that offered by the management will not be permitted.  A reasonable charge, based upon the time spent and costs incurred, will be made for disconnecting a caravan from Park services and preparing it for transport away from the Park in the event of owners removing their caravan from Newbus Grange.

2b Whilst  any caravan is up for sale it remains the owners responsibility to pay all bills relating to that caravan promptly and before the due date. Failure to do so would put the owner in breach of their pitch licence.

3.    A caravan shall only sleep the number of persons for which it is designed and shall only be occupied by the owner or members of his/her family; sub-letting is not allowed.  Family members using the caravan in the absence of the owner must be conversant with the site rules, a copy of which should be left in the caravan for reference.  These visitors must also have been instructed in the operation of the various services to the caravan: e.g., gas, electrical and water supplies, cooking and heating appliances, etc.  Arrangements for transfer of caravan keys must be made between the owner and his/her visitors themselves.  The owner is responsible for ensuring that guests use the Park in a responsible and careful manner, at all times respecting the property and privacy of other owners.

4.     Caravan owners shall be responsible for keeping the area around their caravan, and all park facilities, in a neat and tidy condition at all times.  The area under the caravan must also be kept clear to reduce the risk of fire.  Unofficial washing lines or rotary dryers may not be erected, although window hook-on airers may be used.  Washing lines are situated in the fenced area next to the toilet block for the convenience of owners.  Windbreaks should be muted and neutral in colour so as to blend in with the natural surroundings of the Park, and when used are to be removed and stored at the end of each day.

5.    All vehicles must be driven carefully while on the Park, and must be taxed and insured as required by law.  Drivers must hold a Full current driving licence and insurance.  A speed limit of 5 mph is in force throughout the Park, and pedestrians always have the right of way.  Vehicles must use only the tarmac roads and authorized parking places, which must not be obstructed.  Disused vehicles must be removed from the Park. Commercial vehicles (inc, motorhomes) should not be brought onto the park without the written approval of the management.  Visitors must gain admission via the caravan owner (not Reception) and must not park in the reception car park for longer than 30 minutes.  Visitors must also be advised of the speed limit and one-way system by the caravan owner.

Delivery vehicles are not permitted onto the park.

6.    Private gardens must be kept neat and tidy, and planting of trees and shrubs is subject to the prior permission of the managers in respect of type and position.  Trees and shrubs may not be cut down, removed or damaged, and must be left intact on vacation of the pitch.  No external alterations or additions to the caravan or pitch are permitted, nor fences or sheds, etc, erected without the permission of the Park Manager.  Any Balcony, Veranda or Patio, addition (or change to existing) must first receive written approval of the Park Manager. No tents are to be pitched at the sides of caravans. No Gazzebos.  Flagging can only be carried out with the prior approval of the Park management.  The maximum flag size for new areas is 450mm x 450mm; extension to existing flagged areas should incorporate flags to match those already in place.  To minimize the risk of fire, storage boxes at the rear of caravans should be constructed of metal, not timber, and should be no larger that L5’ x W4’ x H5’5’.

7.      The Park owners will not be responsible for any loss or damage to occupants’ property, irrespective of the circumstances.  All caravans must be insured and a copy of the current certificate must be supplied to the park management Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that electrical and gas appliances and installations comply at all times with the requirements of all appropriate authorities.  Electricity supplies must not be tampered with, altered or up-rated.  Each Caravan has maximum supply of 16Amps, which must not be exceeded. Failure to comply could lead to the supply being disconnected.  A dry-powder fire extinguisher must be kept in all caravans (2lb capacity is ideal).  All caravans should be properly drained to prevent bursts during winter absences.

Washing mashines or tumble driers are not permited to be installed in sheds or caravans.

No outside taps are to be fitted to caravans.

No hoses / jet washes are to be used without the prior approval of the park. 8.        Dogs are not allowed unless written permission has been granted by the Park Manager. Dangerous breeds and breeds deemed as unsuitable by the management are not allowed on park. A maximum of Two approved dogs per caravan only. Dogs should be exercised on the dog walk around the perimiter of the park, where the path should always be kept clear of fouling. Dogs must not be exercised on the park, please take the shortest route to and from the dog walk. Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times. Dogs are not allowed in the play grounds. Incessant /nuisance barking will not be tolerated.

8b Pets must not be left unattended whilst on the park (Pets other than dogs must first receive written approval from the management before being brought onto the park)..

9.        The occupier is responsible for all household rubbish being deposited in the waste bins provided at the main bin point on the lane. No refuse collections will be made from the park..

9b.     . No large appliance boxes, unwanted fittings, garden furniture or similar items can be disposed of by “The Park”. These items should be taken to the local tip or disposed of via your home address.

 10.  No offensive or dangerous weapon or ammunition may be brought on to the Park.  Thought must be given to fellow residents in the use of TV, radio and any other excessive noise, inc’  musical instruments, music systems, motor vehicles and other appliances, especially between the hours of 10.30pm and 8.00am.

11.  No ball games are allowed in the vicinity of caravans; please use the recreation areas provided.

12.  No commercial enterprise or business activity may take place on, or be operated from, the Park without the prior permission of the management.

13.  Everyone using the Park is required to comply with the regulations of the site licence, water authority, and any other statutory authority.

14.  The swimming pool is for the sole use of owners of caravans and their families, and not for passing acquaintances.  Children must not visit the pool without adult supervision.  Dogs are not allowed in the pool area at any time, and the pool rules (displayed on the perimeter fence) must be adhered to at all times.
15.  Site Fees:  The management will inform occupiers in October of the fees to be charged for the following year (18th January to 3rd January).  Any resident wishing to terminate occupancy must advise the management by 30th November.  Fees are to be paid in full before 31st December, otherwise a Surcharge of 10%, plus VAT will be levied in addition Administration surcharges may also be levied in addition.  Access to the Park in the new season will not be permitted unless the annual fees have been paid.(see also 2 above)

16.  Payments due in respect of charges for rates and environmental services will be notified in April each year, and prompt payment of these accounts will be required.

17.  Charges for electricity supplies will be invoiced following meter readings on 3rd January and 31st July each year.  Again, these accounts must be settled promptly since the overall account levied by the electricity supplier will already have been paid.  Charges for electricity are determined by the rates charged by the supplying electricity board.

18.  Caravans must be provided with two gas bottles at all times, and these must be purchased from the site office; bottles from other sources are not allowed on the Park.  Purchases must be paid for at the time of ordering and will be delivered that day unless ordered after 2pm, which will then be the next day.  47kg bottles are available to all owners if required.  Any gas maintenance engineer contracted by owners must be able to provide to the management proof of an ACS qualification to work on LPG installations in caravans before any work is carried out. Access to Gas tanks must be kept clear for trolley access at all times. Restricted access  will result in your delivery service being suspended.

19. Refunds, either in full or in part, of payments made in respect of site fees or charges for rates and environmental services will not be made when caravans are vacated during the course of a season.

20.  The proprietors reserve the right to terminate a tenancy for any action which would seriously detract from the proper management of the Park, or cause undue embarrassment or inconvenience to other owners.

21. Any dispute will be settled by the management, their decision being final.

22. Payment of the site rent is deemed to constitute acceptance of these rules.


Where agreements for the occupation of holiday home pitches are entered into, these rules form part of the agreement